15 Back-to-School Crockpot Recipes

It is a great feeling to have dinner cooking and ready when you get home from work. I love HEALTHY Crockpot meals that I can whip up for my family.  I will say that there are a lot of not-so-healthy slow cooker recipes out there. I went on the search for healthy dinner recipes for the fall and all of those busy Moms sending kids back to school.  I hope you can find a recipe or two to try on those busy days.

Meat Sauce  I love making my pasta sauce in the Crockpot. It’s easy and the sauce really holds on to the flavors. Great freezer meals too.

Lasagna The first time I heard of making lasagna in a Crockpot I thought it sounded crazy. I have always had my lasagna baked in the oven. Try it and you won’t be disappointed (I use regular lasagna noodles).

Vegetable Chickpea CurryI love chickpeas and they are healthy! These Indian flavors sound yummy.

Lemon garlic chicken (weight watchers recipe) Lemon and chicken- the perfect match that your whole family is going to love.

Black Bean Chili with Lime and Cilantro Perfect for football or dinner on a brisk, cold fall day.

Korean Beef Tacos Great twist on tacos for the family.

Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos Another taco recipe- my husband LOVES pulled pork. Looks a quick easy recipe!

White Chicken Chili White chicken chili has great spice.  I make a batch of this and freeze it for later.

Italian Turkey Meatballs My 1 year old even loves meatballs so freezing these for quick use is perfect..what’s not to love?

Greek Chicken and Vegetable Ragout I love greek food and eat it at least three times a month. The egg, lemon and dill are a perfect match in this dish.

Tuscan Chicken and Beans After you take a trip to Greece head over to Italy with this Tuscan chicken recipe.  Extra easy recipe!

Tomato Basil Soup I can just imagine eating this with a warm, grilled cheese sandwich. Can we say comfort food?

Vegetable Casserole  Your kids need their veggies..try out this casserole!

Mediterranean Pork  Lots of great herbs and spices in this recipe.

Green Chili Pork Tacos Salsa Verde and cilantro—a perfect pairing.

Fall Finds: two extra recipes I found that aren’t meals but sound amazing!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes  Ok, this is not a meal..but I had to share when I saw this!  The way I know fall is around the corner is when I see pumpkin spice lattes on the menu at coffee stores.

Baked Apples Apples, cinnamon, walnuts, brown sugar…need I say more?

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!


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