Case of the Mondays?

Back to work on a Monday! At least I started this Monday off with a pumpkin spice latte courtesy of my $5 for $10 living social deal that I bought! That’s what I call a good Monday! It is really starting to feel like fall and I love it. This weekend the weather was just beautiful. I hope you are having a great start to your day. Here’s a little Monday morning distraction..

Escape: Maldives Bungalows over the water seems just about right…better start saving my pennies!

Jewels: Broken China Jewelry  When I was visiting my parents in TN we went to an art fair in Ashville, NC and I discovered china plate it.

DIY Find: Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles Wine crate for storage. It’s beautiful and functional.

Kitchen Must Have: Baggie Rack When I don’t have a second pair of hands around, and no my one year old doesn’t count, at least I would have this!

Foodie: Baked Zuchini Chips Crunchy. Almost seems like a potato chip. Healthy? Perfect!

To Sip On: Frozen Hot Chocolate My mouth is watering..and it’s only 80 calories. YUM!

Fall Find: Boot Socks Need a pair for Fall! Boot season is just around the corner.

Foodie: Fresh Nectarine Tomato Salsa  Sweet and spice. Yum!

Crafty: Map Wrapping Paper  We have framed maps but never tried wrapping paper or bows. Why not share all of those cool places you have been with others?

Vino: Ninety-Plus Cellars  Have you heard of these wines? I hadn’t until recently and I am SO glad I did. Check out the website and go pick up the Sauvignon Blanc if you can find won’t be disappointed! Check out this article that talks a little more about this brand.

Style: Teal and brown I love this color combo, the purse and the scarf! Who am I kidding? I like it all!

Tailgate: 135 Tailgate Recipes  With Packers season ramping up we need to start making all things “cheese” for our tailgates..according to my Wisconsin loving husband. I am bound to find some good recipes on this blog post-like this queso recipe..Yum!

Bite Size: Lemon Meringue Pies  These are adorable and look delicious! Perfect for a party or shower.

Now I am officially hungry.

Happy Monday!


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