Welcome to A Cedar Spoon!

I am Julia {I love traveling, discovering new wines, and am always looking for a fun DIY project to try}

I am a full-time working Mom to this happy, energetic boy that keeps us on our toes at all time {I wouldn’t have it any other way!}

And I am lucky to be  married to my best friend.

Our life is busy, especially now that we have that energetic one year old running around! I try to find recipes that are quick, easy and most importantly healthy.  I’m not saying there isn’t room for things like cookies I just believe everything in moderation. My Mom is a dietician (which explains my obsession with salads and fruit) and has taught me a lot about eating healthy.  My goal is to instill healthy eating in my family, like she did in me. A Cedar Spoon is a place share recipes I cook for my family and an excuse to master all of those Lebanese family recipes.  I hope I can offer you a little inspiration in your kitchen, travels and home.

Mixing Mediterranean Flavor & My Every Day Life

I am half Lebanese and grew up eating Mediterranean food. I love it. Tabbouleh is my favorite salad and hummus is my favorite snack. My Grandma and Mom make the best food from scratch and rarely use recipes.  It is all stored in their brilliant minds.  My Mom recently started compiling some of her recipes and it inspired me to start this blog..as a way to share our family recipes, force me to learn each and every one of those recipes and teach others a little bit about Lebanese food and flavors.

I would love to hear from you! Email me at acedarspoon@yahoo.com.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog is FANTASTIC! Your grandma, my Aunt Fran, made the most delicious Lebanese meals I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. I am so glad that you are sharing and passing down some of these recipes. Special thanks to your mom for teaching them to you. I shall look forward to reading and sharing your blog with others. I plan on preparing some of the recipes for myself, my kids, and grandkids. Keep up the good work!

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